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Compared to plastic components, pressed parts made of natural and wood fibers are not only convincing due to their carbon footprint, but also due to better sound insulation, their weight advantage and their passive crash behavior. With our partner bo systems, we develop innovative solutions for lightweight components that are both economical and sustainable. We would be happy to advise you on your options!

Upcycling: Together with our innovation partner NABORE, we stand for the conservation and recycling of resources. With the highest standards of quality, recycled leather offers the haptic and visual advantages of the original material and is obtained up to 75 % from leather offcuts. Less waste, less emissions, less costs.

Heating a defined area as homogeneously and energy-efficiently as possible - this is what the SHT® Performance Heater from TESONA offers, opening up a wide range of possible applications. The abbreviation SHT® stands for Smart Heating Technology® - an intelligent self-regulating heating system with PTC effect. Together with TESONA, we have applied this technology for various automotive applications. The required components or carrier structures can be manufactured using the normal plastic injection molding process or extruded as films or cables.

In our image video we introduce ourselves and our comprehensive range of services and technologies.